During the course of the year, the 64th Brandywine plans various fun and educational adventures, as well as service projects to benefit the community. Leaders plan a year’s worth of activities in advance, so the schedule is frequently subject to change! Please visit the calendar for the latest updates.

The activity schedule typically follows the school year, with a kickoff in September, both fall and spring camping weekends, and an awards ceremony in early June. Each section has scout meetings on a regular basis throughout the year to work on projects and lessons, as well as monthly outdoor adventures. Activities may include, but are not limited to, hiking, camping, fishing, geocaching, bird watching, stargazing, cooking, volunteering, visiting museums, collecting, recycling, making crafts, building campfires, playing games, learning local history, marching in parades, and more!

Parents & siblings

Parents are welcome to participate in most activities alongside their scouts, but in most cases it is NOT required. Day activities can be considered “drop off,” in the sense that non-volunteer parents are not expected to participate. We encourage independence and self-reliance in our scouts. Leaders will let you know in advance if additional chaperones are required for an event.

Any parent that wishes to participate in any overnight activity (like camping) MUST either register as a Non-Rover Adult or provide current copies of their 3-part school clearances as required by PA Act 15 of 2015. For more information, see the Group Scoutmaster.

Non-scout siblings are also welcome to participate in most events, except for those where the leaders explicitly mention it is not appropriate. Please remember that the level of difficulty and maturity for activities is chosen based on the age of the scouts. Younger siblings may require parent attendance and assistance. All non-scout attendees, adult or youth, will be asked to sign a liability waiver at each event they attend.


Scout families are responsible for their own transportation needs. However, every effort will be made to reduce the number of vehicles required to reach our event destination(s). Parents may be available to carpool or share driving duties when needed. Section leaders can provide advice and guidance.

Uniforms & additional gear

Different activities will have different equipment requirements. Leaders will let families know any necessary requirements prior to each activity. In many cases, the scout group may have loaner items available.

Scouts should wear their uniforms to all group meetings and activities. Apart from the group necker, scouts are responsible for providing their own uniform. Uniform standards and badge placement guidelines for each section are printed in the scouting handbooks and on this website. Most uniform items can be purchased online from the OSG Quartermaster Store. The 64th Brandywine also has a small collection of pre-owned and donated uniform items available upon request.

A note about shoes: Appropriate footwear is a health and safety issue. At each outdoor activity, participants should wear socks and close-toed, sturdy shoes that fasten tightly. While they are comfortable for running and playing, sneakers are not good for hiking or for working outdoors. We strongly recommend that you invest in a pair of good quality hiking boots.


Safety is our first priority. Scout leaders maintain current certification in infant, child and adult CPR as well as basic first aid. We carry first aid kits on all activities, as well as complete emergency contact information for all members. If you have concerns about your scout’s specific needs, please discuss with your section leader.

Parents sign a medical release waiver at registration, which releases all leaders and volunteers from liability and also empowers us to seek medical attention for your scout in the extremely unlikely event that it should become necessary.

Adventures are planned based on the best judgement of the section leaders on the capabilities of their scouts. Each activity begins with a safety briefing to review the guidelines for participation. Scouting is also about resilience, so scouts will hike, camp, and explore in all types of weather! However, if violent weather makes outdoor activities unsafe, leaders will cancel and reschedule if possible.


To keep up with our many activities, leaders rely primarily on email communication and our website. Please check your email for messages from leaders and visit the website regularly so you do not miss an opportunity for your scout to participate.

If there is an emergency and event must be cancelled last minute, parents may also receive a recorded phone message.


As parents, scout leaders understand children’s ever-changing priorities and interests, yet leaders hope scouting will be a primary activity for your child. Not only will scouts have a better experience when they attend regularly, but leaders rely and plan activities assuming 100% attendance. Outings are generally scheduled on Sunday afternoons to allow for other activities, like sports. If a child frequently misses meetings or activities, they will not get the full experience and benefit from the patrol method. In addition, scouts earn proficiency badges and advancements while participating in regular group meetings and outings. Parents should emphasize the importance of commitment to the program and actively encourage scouts to participate and practice what they have learned at home. Practice will help scouts to fulfill badge requirements and gain proficiency in scouting skills.

The 64th Brandywine (and, in fact, the entire Outdoor Service Guides) is a completely volunteer organization. Leaders are dedicated to making scouts a fun and enriching experience for all participants. We ask our scouts to respect our commitment and arrive to meetings and events on time, properly uniformed, and with any requested gear.

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