The Otters are the youngest section in Outdoor Service Guides, with children joining at the age of 5 years (Kindergarten through 2nd grade). The Otter Section is referred to as a “Raft” (much like the Timberwolf “Pack”) and the smaller units within the Raft are referred to as “Dens”; and both boys or girls may join (with the ideal number being 6–8 per Den). Otters learn useful family skills, community skills, and learn to play safely together while introducing them to the concepts of Scouting and preparing them for the Timberwolf program. The Otter Motto motto is “Busy and Bright.”


Uniform diagram for Otters
  • Hat – red baseball-style cap with the Otter Badge centered on the front
  • Shirt – red long-sleeve jersey tee with no collar, sleeves rolled up or down
  • Necker – 32″ square neckerchief of the group’s color(s), worn with a ring or slide (“woggle”) at the throat


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