Traditional scouting is a method that harkens back to the original principles and practices of Scouting’s founders, Robert Baden-Powell, Agnes Baden-Powell, and Olave Baden-Powell. The Outdoor Service Guides program and coursework are modeled after B-P’s original texts, and our method is simple: we promote good citizenship, self-reliance, loyalty, and outdoor skills. Our focus is on empowering youth through hands-on practice in small groups, led by peer leadership.

Our program is outdoors-focused and our goal is to engage our scouts in immersive, experiential outdoor skills. Group activities are outdoors, at all times of year. In each section, scouts are pursuing outdoor stewardship and self-reliance in natural spaces.

Service is one of the core tenets of our program in all age groups. Youth and adults are actively participating in meaningful service in their community, school, and home. From packing donations at a local food bank, to restoring a watershed by planting native trees, scouts are giving their time and service to people and places that need it most.


Scouts in the Outdoor Service Guides are divided into four sections with age-appropriate activities and advancements:

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