Scouts should be in full uniform for all meetings and activities unless otherwise noted. Think of it as a team uniform, and we want to show team spirit!

Please remember to LABEL uniform items with your scout’s name — especially the necker and hat!

  • Scouts purchase a necker at initial registration. The 64th Brandywine necker is unique to the group and signifies a BPSA scout’s group membership.
  • Other uniform items are available for purchase at the BPSA-US Quartermaster store, or can be acquired elsewhere.
  • The Uniform Quick Reference document shows shirt styles and patch placement for uniforms. Please sew badges promptly after awarded.
  • Section leaders will distribute badges to scouts as they are earned. Additional patches, either for second uniforms or as replacements, can be provided for an additional fee.
  • T-shirts (like the 64th Brandywine crest shirt or the BPSA fleur-de-lis shirt) are not a replacement for the uniform.

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